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Shapiro, Lifschitz & Schram partner Judah Lifschitz* was quoted in the August 14, 2015 edition of the BisNow newsletter regarding a recent lawsuit filed in D.C. federal court against the developer of The Wharf, a $2B renewal project on D.C.’s Southwest Waterfront.

An owner of three businesses located at the Maine Avenue Fish Market brought the action and also filed a preliminary injunction against Hoffman-Madison Waterfront and the D.C. government claiming that the developer has attempted to expel the businesses from their leased property and block customer access points. Hoffman-Madison Waterfront denies the claim, stating that it has worked with existing business owners to minimize temporary disruptions associated with construction.

Lifschitz comments, “Much depends on what’s in the lease and what the facts are when proven. The reality is they’re going to be hurting for a long period of time here until the development is finished.” Lifschitz further stated regarding the businesses, “How they survive between today and when the developer puts them back in business, that’s a very real and practical problem.”

Judd Lifschitz Comments on DC The Wharf Lawsuit
Photo: BisNow. Judah Lifschitz is pictured on the right.

*Mr. Lifschitz does not represent any of the parties in the lawsuit.

As lawyers, we have not only a professional duty to perform pro bono work and serve our communities, but also an ethical duty.  Practicing law is a privilege, and as lawyers we are fortunate to have the tools necessary for getting things done in an increasingly complex world.  At Shapiro, Lifschitz & Schram, it is our belief that law firms should encourage a culture of service, pro bono work, and charitable giving.

I am proud that at Shapiro, Lifschitz & Schram we continually strive to foster and maintain this culture. It is our privilege to work with a number of organizations that benefit disadvantaged communities and others in need. It is an effort that starts at the very top of the firm and trickles down to all members of staff.

Supporting Sulam

One of our most significant and rewarding efforts to date has been our work with Sulam, an educational institution in Rockville, Maryland. Sulam is an incredible organization dedicated to providing children with learning differences individually designed programs that reflect “best practices” within a day school environment. Sulam provides each student with the education, encouragement, and expert support needed to fully realize his and her greatest potential. Having worked with Sulam since the early days of its development, I can say with confidence that Sulam creates a long-lasting, positive, and meaningful impact on the lives of all of its students.

SLS has committed itself to actively participating in Sulam’s mission. SLS attorneys Steven H. Schram and Daniel A. Kapner serve on the organization’s board, while I serve as Sulam’s president. The firm has pledged ongoing financial support to help Sulam continue to grow its program offerings, which include psychological services, physical therapy services, occupational therapy services, and speech and language therapy services. Our attorneys and staff frequently volunteer their time to assist Sulam in providing opportunities to its students.

While we at SLS wholeheartedly support Sulam out of our sense of duty to our community, we were humbled by the gratitude shown to us by the organization at its 15th Annual Gala Dinner and Silent Auction, which was held on June 2, 2015. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness about Sulam’s mission and raise funds for continued programming and services. As part of the gala, Sulam honored SLS with its Founder’s Award, a recognition given to those whose efforts have made a major impact on the organization.


Creating a Culture of Giving

SLS urges all law firms and attorneys to consider making community service a priority. The rewards, both personal and professional, are immeasurable. For those looking to make community service and charitable giving a core part of a law firm’s culture, I offer the following suggestions:

  • Compassion starts at the top:  Leadership sets the tone for a law firm. If your firm wants to foster a culture of caring, it has to start at the top. Law firm management must lead by example and offer opportunities to the rest of the attorneys and staff to participate in charitable efforts throughout the year.
  • Do good for the sake of doing good: While recognition and awards are nice, charity is a selfless activity. The reward for donating your time, talent, and money should be the sense of self-fulfillment you will receive from helping others and the positive effects of your assistance.
  • Choose a cause that is personal to you or your firm: There are many causes out there that need support. However, to provide the greatest benefit, it helps if you focus on a small handful, particularly ones that are personal to you or your firm. Why? Because your passion will motivate you to put in as much effort as you can.

Want to learn more about Sulam? Interested in giving back to your community? Contact me, Judah Lifschitz, at

Judah Lifschitz will be leading and Daniel A. Kapner will assist in presenting a EUCI continuing education course on EPC Contracts for Power & Energy Projects on July 29th and 30th in Chicago, Illinois. This will be the second EUCI continuing education course on EPC Contracts for Power & Energy Projects that Mr. Lifschitz has presented. As a result of the tremendous success of the first course, which was presented in January 2015, EUCI invited Mr. Lifschitz to present another continuing education course.

Focusing on EPC Contracts and their provisions, techniques, and principles, attendees will:

  • Review the contents of an EPC Contract, including provisions relating to the EPC contractor’s obligations, standards of performance, price and payment, the owner’s obligations, mechanical completion, substantial completion, final completion, performance testing, performance guarantees, liability and damages, delay liquidated damages, performance liquidated damages, limitation of liability provisions, warranties, force majeure, delay, scope changes, indemnification, insurance, termination and default, confidential information, and dispute resolution
  • Discuss best practices for negotiating and drafting an EPC Contract for a power and energy project
  • Anticipate problem areas and potential claims and techniques for avoiding them

This EUCI course has been approved by The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Attendees who complete the course will be eligible for 1.0 CEU.

For more details or to register, download the EUCI course brochure here or register online.

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Members of the SLS trial group have tried in excess of 50 jury trials and 75 bench trials?

The SLS construction group has worked on sports stadiums across the country including Orioles Park in Baltimore and Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati?

The SLS construction group has worked on power plant projects across the country?

In 2007 SLS was selected for an Honorable Mention as one of the Best Places To Work in Washington DC?

Ron Shapiro, Steve Schram and Judd Lifschitz have all been selected as SuperLawyers by Law and Politics?

The SLS office building is an historic townhouse constructed in the late 1800s?

SLS has been selected by Martindale-Hubbell as a Preeminent Law Firm?

SLS trial lawyers have argued appeals in the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal for the 4th, 5th, 9th, D.C. and Federal Circuit?

SLS trial lawyers have been lead trial counsel in cases in Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia, - to name just a few?

Virtually all the cases that SLS trial lawyers mediated have been favorably settled at mediation?

The transactional group at SLS was lead counsel on one of the largest, most complex mixed-use projects in downtown Washington, DC involving 4 lenders and 6 property owners?

In appreciation for the outstanding efforts of each of its employees during 2007, SLS gave everyone (attorneys, paralegals, and staff) a 4 day/3 night expense paid trip to Key West, Florida?

The transactional group at SLS has represented tenants in more than 200 retail leases in the Mid-Atlantic region?

Every attorney in the transactional group at SLS has at least 15 years experience?

The transactional group at SLS has represented developers in the purchase, construction, financing and/or sale of more than 75 multi-family apartment projects?

The transactional group at SLS has represented real estate investors and developers with respect to property in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan and the U.S. Virginia Islands?

Attorneys in the transactional group at SLS have represented eight national banks in commercial real estate loans?

Attorneys in the transactional group at SLS have represented the FDIC, the Resolution Trust Corporation and several banking institutions in loan workout transactions throughout the Mid-Atlantic region?

The transactional group at SLS has represented homebuilders and commercial real estate developers in work-outs of individual loans and also for work-outs of large portfolios involving dozens of properties in several states?

The trial lawyers of SLS have numerous reported decisions to their credit?