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      On May 31, 2011, the Department of Defense, General Services Administration, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration issued a joint interim rule that incorporates “Green Building” concepts into the Federal Acquisition Regulations (“FAR”).  The Rule took effect immediately.  See 76 Fed. Reg.

Bergin and Lockshin Discuss Future of DC Construction Industry with Leaders

Recently John Bergin and Alexis Lockshin attended the PWC-DC’s 2nd Annual "Meet the Construction Chiefs" event where four of DC’s top construction industry leaders shared their insights on the current status and future of the DC construction industry.  The discussion included: upcoming opportunities; the impact of the economic downturn; new and emerging trends in technology, sustainability, and means/methods; and a look ahead of what to expect in 2011 and beyond.

Construction Report - $26.9 Million in Liquidated Damages Not a Windfall to Power Plant Owner

$26.9 Million in Liquidated Damages Not a Windfall to Power Plant Owner, Report, Vol. 12, No. 3, March 2010 - The decision in New Athens is particularly significant regarding the enforceability of liquidated damages provisions.  Liquidated damages provisions are too frequently overlooked, but can - and will - be enforced, often without consideration of actual damages.

Proved the Earth Movement Exclusion Not Applicable

Our client was a real estate developer and owner. A large new development was constructed immediately adjacent to a downtown office building owned by our client. The construction included a large excavation for a multi-story underground parking garage. As a result of the excavation, our client’s building was destabilized, damaged structurally, and had to be evacuated. We filed suit against the excavation and construction firm and the insurer. All parties agreed to mediate the dispute before a mutually agreed-upon professional mediator.

Successful Defense of State of New Jersey in Superfund Construction Dispute

We defended the State of New Jersey in a lawsuit brought against the State by a major international contractor on a large Superfund remediation project. The engineering firm which designed the project was also made a defendant and cross-defendant. The contractor sought more than $60 million from the State and the State counterclaimed for millions of dollars of liquidated damages due to late completion of the project.

Major Arbitration Proceedings Regarding Power Plant Construction

We successfully represented the owner, New Athens Generating Company, LLC, a merchant power company, on a $533 million power plant construction project in upstate New York in a series of complex arbitration proceedings, against the EPC contractor, Bechtel Power Corporation, one of the world's largest power plant construction contractors.

Complex Property Development Issue

Through various entities controlled by three generations of family members, a client owned a large tract of property, including a lake, underground caverns, a museum, commercial and industrial property, Civil War battlefield relics, and property zoned for residential development. The property had been acquired over a period of 50 years, with no substantive planning for how development would actually occur.

Contractor Licensing Laws

Contractor Licensing Laws, 1993 Construction Update. Wiley Law Publications

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Members of the SLS trial group have tried in excess of 50 jury trials and 75 bench trials?

The SLS construction group has worked on sports stadiums across the country including Orioles Park in Baltimore and Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati?

The SLS construction group has worked on power plant projects across the country?

In 2007 SLS was selected for an Honorable Mention as one of the Best Places To Work in Washington DC?

Ron Shapiro, Steve Schram and Judd Lifschitz have all been selected as SuperLawyers by Law and Politics?

The SLS office building is an historic townhouse constructed in the late 1800s?

SLS has been selected by Martindale-Hubbell as a Preeminent Law Firm?

SLS trial lawyers have argued appeals in the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal for the 4th, 5th, 9th, D.C. and Federal Circuit?

SLS trial lawyers have been lead trial counsel in cases in Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia, - to name just a few?

Virtually all the cases that SLS trial lawyers mediated have been favorably settled at mediation?

The transactional group at SLS was lead counsel on one of the largest, most complex mixed-use projects in downtown Washington, DC involving 4 lenders and 6 property owners?

In appreciation for the outstanding efforts of each of its employees during 2007, SLS gave everyone (attorneys, paralegals, and staff) a 4 day/3 night expense paid trip to Key West, Florida?

The transactional group at SLS has represented tenants in more than 200 retail leases in the Mid-Atlantic region?

Every attorney in the transactional group at SLS has at least 15 years experience?

The transactional group at SLS has represented developers in the purchase, construction, financing and/or sale of more than 75 multi-family apartment projects?

The transactional group at SLS has represented real estate investors and developers with respect to property in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan and the U.S. Virginia Islands?

Attorneys in the transactional group at SLS have represented eight national banks in commercial real estate loans?

Attorneys in the transactional group at SLS have represented the FDIC, the Resolution Trust Corporation and several banking institutions in loan workout transactions throughout the Mid-Atlantic region?

The transactional group at SLS has represented homebuilders and commercial real estate developers in work-outs of individual loans and also for work-outs of large portfolios involving dozens of properties in several states?

The trial lawyers of SLS have numerous reported decisions to their credit?