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"3 Steps to Ensure Subcontractor Performance," Construction Best Practices

In an article published in Construction Best Practices on April 2, 2020, Christopher Mahoney discusses steps contractors can take to ensure subcontractors are fulfilling their obligations and predetermined steps if they do not.

Contractors can take certain steps to help ensure subcontractors will perform timely and satisfactorily, although this is never a guarantee. Prequalifying the subcontractor helps to minimize risk and make sure the subcontractor has the experience and ability to effectively perform the job.

“Due to their inherent complexity, large commercial construction projects are susceptible to disagreements and associated claims regarding the subcontractor’s performance. In the interests of progressing the subcontractor’s work or at least minimizing hindrances to that work, the subcontract should provide for an efficient mechanism to resolve subcontractor claims with minimal impact on ongoing work,” Mahoney explains.

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