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"Tips to Help Women Optimize Their Potential in the Male-dominated Construction Industry," Construction Executive

In an article published on July 5 in Construction Executive, B.A. Spignardo provides tips to help women in the construction industry optimize their potential. “As development surges, women in the construction industry face, and should embrace, opportunities to advance their careers and work on impactful projects,” she explains. “While the ‘maleness’ of the industry can present challenges for women, certain tools are available to assist in the success of women in the construction industry.”

Networking is a key to success in the construction industry. To unlock leadership potential, it’s important to build connections. “A network exists everywhere, not just at planned business events. Networking can be done in a neighborhood, with an alumni group, at church, through sports teams and more. Seeing networking opportunities everywhere will open doors to additional opportunities,” Spignardo states.

Following networking success, another integral step in advancing a career is finding someone with industry experience who can provide guidance and help flesh out ideas. “Seek out mentors,” she encourages. “While women in the construction industry do not necessarily need female mentors, having a mentor in general is key.” Lastly, Spignardo stresses the importance of work-life balance as an additional key to success. “Each category demands or deserves 100 percent, which is actually an attainable goal in the work-life balancing act. Give 100 percent of yourself in that moment, in the office, to your career. Give 100 percent at home with family. Give 100 percent to being a spouse, neighbor and friend.”

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