5 Ways to Protect Your Company from E-mail Hazards

George D. Carry, lead e-discovery counsel at Shapiro, Lifschitz & Schram and a member of the firm’s trial and construction practice, recently published an article entitled, “5 ways to protect your company from email hazards” on March 7, 2016 on 

George points out that “Every day on average users send more than 205 billion emails. Although it seems obvious that business professionals should use common sense when interacting digitally, millions of dollars have been lost and countless careers have been upended as a result of risky or foolish email practices.”

In order to provide guidance to businesses, in his article George provides several tips to avoid potential e-trouble:

  1. Always use company email accounts appropriately.
  2. Never email when angry.
  3. Always use “common sense”—never email would-be ammunition for opposing attorneys.
  4. Avoid using customary phrases that pique the opposition’s interest.
  5. Never email inside jokes or use inappropriate nicknames.

The entire article can be read at For more information, email George Carry at