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"Futureproofing your lease," Retail Environments

In an article published in the January / February issue of Retail Environments, Marni Ahram discusses leasing strategies for retailers.

As a tenant, you often need to try and predict the future in order to find a lease that will support long-term business goals. After finding a location with the right mix of existing foot traffic and optimal space flexibility, you must negotiate key lease provisions in order to impact your future success.

Ahram details key considerations including: permitted uses; exclusive uses; the economics of your business; relocation and termination rights; popups and subletting; and flex common space.

“The enhancement of customer experience and convenience is driving innovative product and service delivery models and creative merchandising. As a tenant, you must have a lease in place that permits your business to evolve with innovation, while also incentivizing the landlord to accept some associated risk,” notes Ahram.

To maximize potential and minimize risk, have an attorney that understands your market, your strategy, consumer trends, and new retail technology negotiate the lease on your behalf.

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