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"How Canceling The Border Wall Affects Gov't Contractors," Law360

In an article published by Law360 on October 15, 2021, Adrien Pickard discusses the cancellation of the Border Wall contracts by the U.S. government and the implications that will have on the contractors. Pickard explains how the federal government can cancel the contracts, but also outlines the options the contractors have.

With many federal contractors left in the lurch, Pickard writes, “Many have mobilized resources in anticipation of the massive construction undertaking involved in the erection of the wall. Others further along in construction have materials on order or standing by, have trenches dug, access roads built and other temporary infrastructure in place to support ongoing construction, all at great cost.”

All is not lost, however. Pickard goes on to explain how contractors are entitled to recovery, along with the costs of the termination.

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