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"It Can Happen Again: Lessons for Contractors From the Surfside Condo Collapse," Construction Executive

In an article published in Construction Executive on July 26, 2021, Gregory S. Seador discusses takeaways for commercial contractors from the Surfside condo collapse.

The June 24 condo collapse in Miami was a wakeup call for contractors and engineers who perform work for condominiums to review best practices for communicating warning signs. “Even though forensic reports have yet to be issued, there are certain points worthy of note that provide important lessons for many parties, not the least of which are construction contractors,” Seador writes.

He further explains three key takeaways for commercial contractors from this tragic event: Do not delay in heeding warning signs, get advice promptly if a lawsuit is on the horizon, and listen to the structure when it speaks.

“It’s a good reminder, though, to all construction contractors to hire a trusted attorney experienced in construction law,” Seador says. “There are many proactive measures to help protect against potential liability that can be incorporated into a contractor’s daily operations, contracts and procedures. Don’t wait until it is too late.”

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