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"Risk Mitigation: Six Steps To Achieve Successful Renewable Energy Projects," Solar Industry Magazine

In an article published by Solar Industry Magazine on August 6, Dan Kapner provides guidance for owners to consider before project commencement to achieve successful renewable energy projects.

Among tips discussed, Kapner encourages owners to identify technology risks and develop strategies to mitigate against them. “Claims and disputes regularly arise when a project uses new technology that has not been adequately tested and vetted in the field,” he shares. “Renewable project participants should evaluate what technology risks exist for the project and devise a plan to mitigate and manage those risks.”

Additionally, Kapner explains that project owners will reduce the risk of claims and disputes if they vet the contractor’s project team leadership and ensure it is composed of effective managers and problem-solvers. “Owners who are actively involved throughout the design and construction phases, provide real-time project management, and conduct comprehensive quality assurance and quality control programs increase the likelihood of a successful project and reduce the risk of claims and disputes,” he states.

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