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Sandy Buchko Author's Article "It's a Tenant's Market: How to Negotiate and Navigate the Leasing Process," American Lawyer Media's Commercial Leasing Law & Strategy Newsletter

In an article published in the September issue of American Lawyer Media’s Commercial Leasing Law & Strategy Newsletter, author Sandy Buchko discusses how the recent hybrid workforce has led to an increase of available office and retail space. These high vacancy rates have caused landlord defaults to be on the rise, making it a tenant-friendly environment for leasing space and obtaining tenant-favorable lease terms.

“From the beginning of your site selection process through the negotiation, planning and construction, having the best experts with the right expertise can make a significant difference in the entire experience and outcome,” writes Buchko.

She concludes by sharing that the best way to manage the lease process is to hire the right experts who can guide you and your team and negotiate on your behalf.

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