SLS Live Webinar Series - Best Practices for Conducting Discovery, Mediation & Civil Litigation Virtually

Attendees of this two-part webinar series will come away with best practices for engaging in discovery, mediation and civil litigation in virtual environments. The pandemic upended civil trial calendars and forced courts, lawyers and parties to make difficult decisions about how best to administer and adjudicate ongoing civil lawsuits. With civil jury trials suspended in state and federal courts throughout the United States and oral discovery, mediation and judicial proceedings transitioned to remote platforms, lawyers and clients require strategies to advance claims and defenses while restricted by physical guidelines. Learn what works, what does not, and how best to use technology in civil disputes during these times.

Part 1—Virtual Discovery and Mediation

In this webinar, you will learn the “nuts and bolts” of engaging in discovery and mediation remotely, while developing an understanding of the different platforms available in the litigation support industry, how they compare and contrast, and what options are necessary for ensuring your deposition or mediation goes smoothly. You will also hear best practices for utilizing remote platforms to depose and defend witnesses, manage deposition exhibits, present a client’s case in mediation and engage in negotiations.

Part 2—Litigating Virtually

In this webinar, develop an understanding of the status of state and federal court proceedings and the impact - both immediate and long-term - on the judicial system. You will also learn the available procedures that parties can utilize to advance civil claims while limited by physical distancing guidelines, impacts of the pandemic on client strategies and key challenges to advancing civil claims, and strategies and tactics to manage those challenges. We will share real world examples of civil proceedings.