SLS Live Webinar Series - Deviations, Deficiencies, Defects....Through the Lens of a Lawyer and an Engineer

This two-part webinar series addresses the engineering and legal issues "when things don't go as planned" on a construction project and the strategies for addressing them. Utilizing real-life case studies, this webinar series will provide you with the critical and practical information you need “when things don’t go as planned.”

Part 1—Deviations, Deficiencies, Defects

This portion of the series will focus on the distinction between deviation, deficiency and defect and will cover the following takeaways:

  • Relationship between construction tolerances and deviations
  • Engineering assessment of deviation and deficiency
  • Contractual and legal implications of and approaches to deviations that exceed construction tolerances but are tolerable for strength, serviceability, or durability
  • Engineering approaches to remedy deficiencies
  • Contractual and legal implications of and approaches to deficiencies
  • Case study

Part—Deviations, Deficiencies, Defects

Part 2 of our webinar series will continue the exploration between deviation, deficiency and defect with the following key takeaways:

  • What constitutes a defect
  • Engineering approaches to remedy defects
  • Rights and obligations of contracting parties as to defects
  • Warranties and defects
  • Case study