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"Soccer, Shopping, Dining: Mass Transit Stations Aren't Just for Travel Anymore," HowStuffWorks

In an article published by HowStuffWorks on November 20, B.A. Spignardo discusses alternate uses for transit stations.

The idea of a transit hub serving as a community gathering place isn't entirely new.

In Washington, D.C., massive Union Station, an early 20th-century Beaux-Arts architectural masterpiece that fell into ruin before being renovated in the 1980s, has long been a place where people came to dine at restaurants, shop in clothing stores or see movies, Spignardo shares. But increasingly, it's also become a nexus for the fast-growing, trendy NoMa neighborhood nearby.

"Union Station provides a great place for people to go and do some shopping and grab a meal, and not necessarily ever step on a train," explains Spignardo, “More restaurants have sprung up in the neighborhood nearby.”

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