Exceeding Expectations



To us, every trial is a big deal. On trial day, we arrive overly prepared, smartly dressed, ready to deliver winning arguments, and eager for battle. It’s what our clients have come to expect and it’s why they hire us. We recognize that at the end of the day, the consistent ability to produce winning results at trial is what separates us from our competitors.

Because we value our client’s time and money, we regularly utilize mediation proceedings to reach a pre-trial settlement when appropriate. In those instances, we prepare for such proceedings in the same style we do for trial. Recognizing that mediation is not always an option, our trial lawyers are prepared to go the distance and handle numerous cases in multiple jurisdictions and forums. Our trial lawyers represent clients in a wide array of complex civil litigation matters, including complex commercial disputes, real estate conflicts, corporate control and shareholders’ litigation, securities litigation, contracts, shareholder derivative actions, partnership disputes, government contracts and creditors’ rights.

With our deep experience in construction law, we represent a variety of local, national and international construction contractors and subcontractors, design professionals, as well as owners and sureties, often in connection with complex, highly technical contract claims and disputes. In addition to representing private parties in construction and government contract matters, our lawyers act as counsel to state and local governments and public agencies. Our experience covers a full range of projects including heavy highway, sports stadiums, power plants, military construction, subway and transportation projects, condominiums and industrial construction.

Recognizing that each case is different and our job is to fully understand our clients’ business, goals, and aspirations, our clients routinely applaud our willingness to push the envelope to find the best solution, not just any solution, and our ability to put our client’s interest ahead of our own. It is a trait we’ve found to be a harbinger of success, in law, and in life. Our approach to litigation is tough, but our interaction with our clients is very human. We love to try cases, but more than that, we genuinely value the trust our clients put in us.