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Judd Lifschitz and Laura Fraher Author Article "Legal Lessons of the Kansas City Bridge Collapse," Highways Today

In an article published in Highways Today on November 3, 2022, authors Judah Lifschitz and Laura Fraher discuss the fatal collapse of an under-construction bridge in rural Missouri on October 26 and the potential legal liabilities for the project’s owners, developers, contractors and design professionals. Lifschitz and Fraher provide steps individuals in the construction industry should take to protect themselves legally in similar incidents.

“All parties involved in the project should engage in an analysis of their potential exposure for the costs associated with extra work and time impacts that will result from this incident,” Lifschitz and Fraher explain. “In addition, all parties should immediately engage in a careful review of all insurance policies to identify potential coverage issues and develop a strategy to maximize coverage, both for defense costs and any ultimate liability.”

They further explain the importance of proactively implementing a thorough communication plan to prepare for any future workplace accidents.

“Effective communication is critical to ensure positive outcomes,” Lifschitz and Fraher add. “When an accident on a construction site occurs, it is imperative that those present know who to contact for necessary emergency assistance as well as what responsible parties need to be notified of the event.”

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